Replicate your real friend's groups to digital ADDA. It Allows users to stay tuned with each other. Users can access shared contents together sitting at different places. It's an utopia where you can live together and enjoy together. All users must be mutually connected.
Create your ADDA, then add a new member who are mutually connected to all existing members. Invites new member to be the part of ADDA.
Adda Home
Here, Find all the movements in your ADDA. Get notified and stay updated.
Shared Canvas
Share your canvas and add your image to it.So that you can keep your image toghter.
Shared Playlist
Share your playlist and add your music to it.So that you can keep your music toghter.
Shared Favourite
Share your favourite and add your video to it.So that you can keep your video toghter.
All members will have equal rights to adjust the members, change the contents and publish the status as Public and Private. One can search and view Public ADDA.